Below are the topics and workshops APB will host entirely focused on the production of music


July 13 - August 7, 2020

Physics of sound


  • Understanding sound waves

  • What is ADSR

  • Frequency responses

  • Home and Professional Studio Acoustics

  • Optimizing spaces for  recording, mixing and mastering

  • Reflection, absorption, and diffusion

  • Room Modes and calibration

  • Critical listening and ear training resources


Signal Flow Beginner


  • Microphone - cable - Pre-Amplifier - Recording medium - Faders - Loudspeaker -Metering




  • How Microphones work

  • Types of Microphones - Dynamic, Condenser, Ribbon

  • Microphone - Polar Patterns

  • Microphone placement - Mono and Stereo Micing techniques

  • How speakers work

  • Speakers - Passive, Active, Impedence.

  • Amplifiers - How they work, power needs, impedence




  • Types of EQ - Fixed Frequency, Graphic, Paragraphic, Fully Parametric, Semi Parametric, Peaking, Shelving

  • EQ - Frequency ranges of instruments, responses and uses




  • What are Dynamics

  • Types of dynamics processors - Compressor, Limiter, Expander, Gate, De-esser, Multi-band

  • Dynamic application and uses



Aux/Cue Sends/Buses


  • Pre and Post fader sends

  • Cue Sends for HP Mixes

  • Bus routing - Common signal lines




  • Placement of audio in a stereo field


Signal Flow Intermediate


  • Multiple signals, multiple signal types with different microphones,

  • console input and output, DAW implementation, Patchbays


Pro Tools Part 1


  • Installation and interface setup

  • Understanding AD/DA Conversion, sample rates, bit depth, file types

  • Importance of file structure, organization, and session backups

  • Playback engines, buffer setup, I/O setups

  • First look at Pro tools windows, preferences and features

  • Session setup, creating and naming tracks, basic signal routing, organizing tracks

  • Recording methods - basic, nondestructive, quick-punch, loop record,

  • basic HP setup with sends section

  • Navigation and editing techniques, working with clips, editing modes, editing tools, basic editing

  • Creating and working with playlists - Comping playlists


Pro Tools Part 2


  • Understanding musical timing, click track, working with grid-mode

  • Creating Virtual Instruments, Midi Controller setup, Midi Editing

  • Multiple channel I/O Setup and signal routing

  • Recording multiple signals, grouping tracks, overdubbing, multiple headphone sends

  • Implementation of inserts for EQ and Dynamics processing

  • Intermediate editing techniques- Editing multiple clips, using clips groups and clip gain,

  • Basic Elastic Audio


Pro Tools Part 3


  • Working with HD Pro Tools systems - Cabling, Routing, Hardware setup, AD/DA setup, I/O configurations

  • I/O Setup for mixing on an analog console, using hardware inserts

  • Editing techniques - Beat Detective, Elastic Audio, Pitch corrections

  • Signal flow routing - Using advanced bus/send and returns for FX and parallel processing

  • Mixing Setup and signal flow and gain structure

  • Automation for tracks and plugins

  • Advanced uses of EQ, Dynamics processing, and Time Based FX

  • Advanced use of midi and routing

  • Importing session data

  • Final Mixdown and Mastering

  • Creating stems and final export for clients and mastering sessions

 Signal Flow

  • Entire studio routing of multiple microphone tracking , overdubbing, and mixing session


Basic Music Business


  • Copyrights, Sound-exchange, Performing rights organizations, Contracts.

  • Internship roles, studio etiquette, client relations, job seeking strategies, Networking strategies



August 10th - August 21, 2020

Two intense weeks of hands-on and observational

Sessions at six professional studio locations 

with our award winning producers and engineers

Full Band Tracking Sessions

Overdubbing Sessions

Mixing Sessions

Mastering Sessions

Engineer/Producer Lineup for 2020

Tim Palmer


Chris Athens


Stuart Sikes


Matt Noveskey


Danny Reisch


Stuart Sullivan


Dave Boyle


Matt Meli

*Additional engineers/producers may be included in the 2020 lineup

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