Q. What are APB's minimum application requirements and when is the deadline?

A. Passion for music, strong work ethic, and positive attitude.  A musical background and some knowledge of recording will be beneficial but are not requirements.  A high school diploma or GED obtained before the start of the bootcamp (July 13, 2020) is the minimum educational requirement to attend APB.  The application deadline for APB is March 28, 2020. 

Q. When is the tuition deadline after acceptance? 

A. Once accepted, you have the option of paying the tuition to reserve your spot.  If you pay the tuition and are chosen for the scholarship, you will receive the full tuition refund.  You can also pay the tuition after the announcement of the scholarship on April 1, 2020, however this will not guarantee your seat in the bootcamp leading up to the announcement.


Q. Is there a cancellation or refund policy?

A. APB will provide a full tuition refund for any cancellations prior to Jan 15, 2020.

*  Cancellations Jan 15, 2020 - March 1, 2020 will receive half-tuition refund. 

*  Cancellations made after March 1, 2020 are non-refundable. 

Cancellations due to medical or family emergency will require official documentation and APB tuition credit will be applied for future APB Bootcamp dates.  

Q. What will a typical day look like during the bootcamp and will be get any downtime?

A. Classes and studio sessions will be Monday - Friday. The first 4 weeks will be 8 hours of class time with an hour lunch-break.  There will be an optional 4 hours of professional tutoring provided each day.  Every student will be provided a Mac computer station including the latest Pro-Tools software and an audio interface.  Additional materials needed for specific concepts will be provided by APB, such as microphones or midi controllers. The last two weeks of the program will be 10 hour studio sessions with a 1 hour lunch-break. 


Q. What is the APB absentee policy? 

A. Only 2 absences allowed during the first 4 weeks of the bootcamp. Coursework and tests missed due to absences will be covered during the 4 hour tutoring period provided and must be coordinated between the student and tutor on staff. If additional absences are due to medical or family emergency, documentation will be required and mandatory coursework/ test requirements must be met in order to receive certificate of completion.  

Q. Will there be exams/testing during the bootcamp and is it possible to fail?

A. Testing will be a part of the curriculum throughout the first 4 weeks of the bootcamp. An additional 4 hour tutoring session will be provided each day for all students. APB is confident that if a student is focused, works hard, attends all classes, and takes advantage of tutoring, there is little chance of failing the program.  When the comprehensive exam is given after first 4 weeks , students will need an 80% passing grade or higher to move on to phase 2 of APB and receive the APB Certification of completion.  Test re-take option will be available during tutoring sessions. 


Q. Is APB an accredited institution and what will I receive upon completion of the bootcamp?

A. APB is not accredited because accredited education is completely unnecessary in the music industry. Credits, reputation, attitude, work ethic, and on the job experience are what ultimately matter. APB is an unprecedented program providing the audio fundamental tools and relationships with successful award winning engineers who do this for a living rather than just teach. With a passing grade of 80% or higher, after the 6 weeks of curriculum and studio sessions, a certificate of completion will be provided. 

Q. Will APB provide housing or transportation?

A. Housing and transportation is not included with the tuition of APB.  

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