Q. What are APB's minimum requirements to attend?

A. Passion for music, strong work ethic, and positive attitude.  A musical background and some knowledge of recording will be beneficial but are not requirements. 

Q. Is APB an accredited institution and what will I receive upon completion of the bootcamp?

A. APB is not accredited because accredited education is completely unnecessary in the music industry. Credits, reputation, attitude, work ethic, and on experience are what ultimately matter.  APB provides unprecedented experiences in music production skills and tools with successful award winning music producers engineers who do it for a living. 

Q. What is the cancellation policy for our workshops, seminars, and events?

A.  APB will provide a written description of the course content and refund policy to students no later than the           14th day before the date the course begins.  Any participant that signs up for a workshop, seminar, or event           within 14 days of the start date will be provided written description of the topic as well as the cancellation               policy.

Q . What are valid reasons for participant cancellation and refunds?

A.  (1) A participant that completes at least 8 hours or one-half of the course, whichever is less, and is dissatisfied            with the course; and who requests a refund in writing, providing a reasonable basis for their                                        dissatisfaction, no later than the 14th day after the date the course is concluded.  (2) For a course in which              the instructor or the instructor's qualifications are different from the instructor or the instructor's                              qualifications stated in any advertising, publicity, or solicitation for the course, notifies the school before                  the course begins that they elect not to attend and requests a refund.


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