Audio Pro Bootcamp hosts avocational workshops, seminars, and events entirely focused on the production of music.  APB will provide the fundamentals and real-world experience needed to create the music of your dreams. Most audio engineering programs require $20,000 or more and multiple years to complete.  APB is entirely focused on music production that allows for a much more affordable solution to recording, mixing, mastering and producing music.  Our workshops, seminars, and events will typically be from 1-3 days in length and will be completed in 24 working hours or less.



APB is the only music production program of its kind, where participants will attend sessions with Award winning music Producers and Engineers.  Participants will be exposed to several different world class studios with a variety of analog consoles, microphones, and outboard gear.  Attendees will be establishing relationships with working audio professionals and obtaining the ability to achieve success in making their own recordings, mixes, and masters.  




Most music production programs sell the dream with no reality, APB offers reality to achieve the dream! The reality is that most reputable studios hiring will most likely offer audio engineering graduates an internship, typically unpaid, for at least 3 months to a year. There are no guarantees of a full-time position when the internship period ends, and this often leads to high debt and limited industry opportunities for growth or success. 




The most important factors for achieving success in music production is knowing the fundamentals, having a collaborative attitude, maintaining a strong work ethic, establishing long-term relationships, and generating repeat clients.  A great referral from an industry professional, hands-on experience and working portfolio will always yield the best results when achieving success in music production.

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