Below are the topics and workshops APB will host entirely focused on the production of music

Full Band Tracking Sessions

Overdubbing Sessions

Mixing Sessions

Mastering Sessions

Music Engineers/Producers

Tim Palmer


Chris Athens


Stuart Sikes


Matt Noveskey


Danny Reisch


Stuart Sullivan


Dave Boyle


Matt Meli

Travis Kennedy

Adrian Quesada

Dwight Baker

Charlie Kramsky



Additional subjects in music production


Physics of sound


  • Understanding sound waves

  • What is ADSR

  • Frequency responses

  • Home and Professional Studio Acoustics

  • Optimizing spaces for  recording, mixing and mastering

  • Reflection, absorption, and diffusion

  • Room Modes and calibration

  • Critical listening and ear training resources


Signal Flow Beginner


  • Microphone - cable - Pre-Amplifier - Recording medium - Faders - Loudspeaker -Metering




  • How Microphones work

  • Types of Microphones - Dynamic, Condenser, Ribbon

  • Microphone - Polar Patterns

  • Microphone placement - Mono and Stereo Micing techniques

  • How speakers work

  • Speakers - Passive, Active, Impedence.

  • Amplifiers - How they work, power needs, impedence




  • Types of EQ - Fixed Frequency, Graphic, Paragraphic, Fully Parametric, Semi Parametric, Peaking, Shelving

  • EQ - Frequency ranges of instruments, responses and uses




  • What are Dynamics

  • Types of dynamics processors - Compressor, Limiter, Expander, Gate, De-esser, Multi-band

  • Dynamic application and uses



Aux/Cue Sends/Buses


  • Pre and Post fader sends

  • Cue Sends for HP Mixes

  • Bus routing - Common signal lines




  • Placement of audio in a stereo field


Signal Flow Intermediate


  • Multiple signals, multiple signal types with different microphones,

  • console input and output, DAW implementation, Patchbays


Pro Tools for Music Part 1


  • Installation and interface setup

  • Understanding AD/DA Conversion, sample rates, bit depth, file types

  • Importance of file structure, organization, and session backups

  • Playback engines, buffer setup, I/O setups

  • First look at Pro tools windows, preferences and features

  • Session setup, creating and naming tracks, basic signal routing, organizing tracks

  • Recording methods - basic, nondestructive, quick-punch, loop record,

  • basic HP setup with sends section

  • Navigation and editing techniques, working with clips, editing modes, editing tools, basic editing

  • Creating and working with playlists - Comping playlists


Pro Tools for Music Part 2


  • Understanding musical timing, click track, working with grid-mode

  • Creating Virtual Instruments, Midi Controller setup, Midi Editing

  • Multiple channel I/O Setup and signal routing

  • Recording multiple signals, grouping tracks, overdubbing, multiple headphone sends

  • Implementation of inserts for EQ and Dynamics processing

  • Intermediate editing techniques- Editing multiple clips, using clips groups and clip gain,

  • Basic Elastic Audio


Pro Tools for Music Part 3


  • Working with HD Pro Tools systems - Cabling, Routing, Hardware setup, AD/DA setup, I/O configurations

  • I/O Setup for mixing on an analog console, using hardware inserts

  • Editing techniques - Beat Detective, Elastic Audio, Pitch corrections

  • Signal flow routing - Using advanced bus/send and returns for FX and parallel processing

  • Mixing Setup and signal flow and gain structure

  • Automation for tracks and plugins

  • Advanced uses of EQ, Dynamics processing, and Time Based FX

  • Advanced use of midi and routing

  • Importing session data

  • Final Mixdown and Mastering

  • Creating stems and final export for clients and mastering sessions

 Signal Flow

  • Entire studio routing of multiple microphone tracking , overdubbing, and mixing session


Basic Music Business


  • Copyrights, Sound-exchange, Performing rights organizations, Contracts.

  • Internship roles, studio etiquette, client relations, job seeking strategies, Networking strategies

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